It’s here! The reggae remix contest for a prize package of Scientist LPs! I worked with Scientist to record this riddim, a version of the Heptones classic ‘My Guiding Star’ originally penned by Leroy Sibbles.  All the files are in ProTools stemfile format.  The prize will be this amazing set of LPs I have collected over the past 20+ years I have been DJing. I will ship these records to you wherever your location – in or outside of the US. I am searching for a dubbed-out interpretation of this tune. You can add any instruments and/or vocals. The sky is the limit. I will personally be judging the contest to select the winner.  I am a conscious woman so conscious, rootical, heartical vibes will rule.  


1. The remix must be emailed in ‘wav’ format to by December 12, 2014, midnight.

2. The remix becomes the property of Vishva Music LLC (VMLLC).  VMLLC will release the track on iTunes, beatport, Amazon, and bandcamp giving proper publishing rights to L. Sibbles.  Your name as remix artist will be displayed on the websites where the song is sold.

3. All proceeds from the sale of the remix track will be donated to BAWAR, a 501c3 community organization that works to address the problems of sexual assault.  

4. By participating in this contest, you agree not to sell or distribute the song on your own networks and/or for your independent profit.

I will make the selection by December 14th and mail out the prize package of Scientist records the same day for delivery within the week.

To participate in this contest, email with the subject heading “Remix Contest Rules Acknowledged” and I will send you the link to the dropbox folder where I have all the stem files. Please do not delete the files from the folder as everyone will be accessing the same one.  

I hope you enter into this contest in good faith.  Jah Blessings to you, thank you for your interest in participating!



One Love
Deejay Bella


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