Deejay Bella
I began in music as a child violinist in a school music program, and also learned to play a little keyboards and acoustic guitar from my father. I started buying alternative british new wave, ska, punk, and rock records in my pre-teens. My love of reggae icons Peter Tosh and Bob Marley as a beach-going kid in Southern California, and introduction to the Twinkle Brothers’ and rock steady music (and Irie FM bootleg tapes from JA) during my high school years in Vegas, turned into a full-scale reggae obsession in my Bay Area college years. I began discovering more reggae while spinning on KALX college radio, 90.7 FM, from 1991-1998, by diggin in its then 30-year collection (Happy 50+ years now!). Through KALX connections, I started deejaying clubs in the Bay (The Top, Nickie’s BBQ, Upper Room, 111 Minna, DNA Lounge, Elbo Room, Laszlo’s, Caribee, Maritime Hall, and many more), became the KALX Promotions Director and a member of the Bay Area Hip Hop Coalition, and a club promoter specializing in women’s and nonprofit fundraising-type events. I DJ’d and/or did press at music festivals like the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival, Monterey Bay Reggae Festival, UCLA Jazz and Reggae Festival, Long Beach Reggae Festival, Reggae in the Park (SF), Reggae on the River, Annual Peter Tosh and Annual Bunny Wailer Birthday Celebrations, and Afribbean. The early 90′s conscious hip hop movement also had a great influence on my musical style, and through friendships and gigs with Bay hip hop DJs, and expanded my collection more deeply into soul and funk. I spun at Herstory, Hip Hop in the Park (Berkeley) and other hip hop events. As part of the Azaad and Dhamaal collectives I played east asian-produced or inspired electronica, hip hop and dancehall. Recently I played an all-woman international music set for the Global Fund for Women’s 25th Anniversary fundraiser in NYC. The Science CLub in DC asked me to play Anoushka Shankar’s end of tour party a few years ago,and I was so thrilled to do it because she is incredible! Weddings are really tough to spin in my opinion, but so amazing and rewarding. I am honored to have been able to play for friends’ special days.

I would describe my style as internationally eclectic, cornerstoned in jazz, blues, dub, r&b soul, roots and UK lovers rock reggae. Currently, I am working on a new podcast format. To share your tunes, please email a download link/mp3 to: Jah Bless and Keep it Conscious.

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