Tribute to DJ Pam the Funkstress



I moved to the bay in the fall of 1991 at the age of 18 to start college, and the first place I Dj’d was on KALX Radio 90.7 FM the summer of 1992. In 1994, I started playing nightclubs.  I can’t recall when, nor where I was, the first day I met you, but it must have been in the mid-90s. Everyone spoke of you with awe and respect, and I was dying to hear you play and to meet you.

One thing I will never forget, is that sly and beautiful smile of yours. When we first met, you checked me out, like OH, so you’re a DJ huh? I knew who you were so I was straight humbled to talk to you. But not long after, we hit it off.  We were good.  You used to crack your skinny jokes, talk friendly sh*t to me, brag about the records you just got, and vice-versa, we had our banter. A respectful ‘DJ to DJ’ jockeying with the knowledge and appreciation that we both came to this crazy profession, obsession, dedication, from very different viewpoints and experience (you being the QUEEN and I being the DJ-in-training) but we understood each other without words, we could relate. Cuz you gotta be crazy to be a club DJ in the Bay. And a woman, to boot!  The BS we put up with! We talked about the challenges of the double life – you hustled a catering business, I hustled an engineering profession. We enjoyed the greens. We rocked out in our self-created spaces. Yours was the garage, mine was in my living room in an apartment of my own.  We played straight and gay gigs and house parties. Lady fans were drawn to us since they rawly saw a woman rock the tables.

We loved hip hop. We talked about what new promos we got, what we liked, what was whack. I had the radio promo hookup. You had ultimate bada** DJ hookup with mad respect from EVERYBODY who ever heard you play.

You were the hardest hustlin, most creatively turntable trick-f*in everyone’s mind up, party-pleasing, no holds barred DJ, the Bay had EVER SEEN.   You tripped crowds up EXTRA whenever you DJd with your tata’s but you didn’t even HAVE to do that, we all bowed down to you REGARDLESS.

You knew your talents were other-wordly, but you didn’t have a shred of attitude about it. When Prince’s manager called you to be his tour DJ – I think the entire SF Bay DJ community was like – HELL THE F*** YEAH – IT’s ABOUT TIME DJ PAM the FUNKSTRESS got her PROPS on some GLOBAL MUSICAL GENIUS Just Do. That’s Right. We were all celebrating your joy with you. A moment in history.

We played the opening of a new Capoeria Cafe in Berkeley together right before I left the Bay for NY in 2006. I hadn’t seen you in awhile – I was in the reggae space much more by then – but we picked up like old friends and talked that usual smack, cracked jokes, rocked that spot, then hustled onto the next job… always working, day to night, double life, never ending…

Dee Cee threw a huge ‘She’s the DJ’ Soul Shakedown Party of all women DJs at Club Six in SF in 2006, and that was a phenomenal experience.  My last gig in the Bay before moving to NY. We were all smiles all night. The ladies were lovin it.  You played upstairs while I and others played downstairs, we had mics, we were on the mic chatting, joking… I remember I kept popping upstairs to listen to you, laugh, exchange funny faces when we saw how the crowd reacted, do our banter thing….  you never let up on the skinny jokes, what like a decade of knowing each other ?? (you were the ONLY homie of mine that could get away with that sh*t anyhow 🙂 … We were proud. Finally, all the best lady DJs in the Bay coming together to rock one of the main clubs in SF in unity and we killed it like we knew we would. You knew. You half grew us all anyhow.


Cleopatra Jones! Could there even BE a Cleopatra Jones party at a brand new club in SF, as a concept and reality, without you? NAWH. No chance.  You were our idol, our mentor, our trailblazer, our rock, our foundation, our inspiration.  Our proof that we could do this. Look at us now. Look at what you did, Pam. Look at your inspired and loyal fans, your fellow sisters on the wheels of steel… we had some great times, soul upliftment, and power moments.



The very last time I had the honor of DJing a party with you was when I flew back from the east to the Bay to visit in 2008, and was booked with you at Cafe La Estrallita with Chela Simone aka Tiye Selah live, in Oakland.  I have been searching for that photo I took of you, smug smile and all good vibes. Where could it be? But I found some others of them tonight.   Here they are.  Even without them, I can go right back to that moment, that feel, because that was the strength and impression of your presence. Look at you on the flyer with that smile. Queen of your Craft!



Chela Simone / Tiye Selah performing at Cafe La Estrellita


Me DJing that night, and crowd pics….



I just found out from DJ Styles a few hours ago that – this morning, you left us on this plane, and ascended to the higher level.  I trust that your soul is at peace. You were a generous soul, someone who saw the best in everyone, someone who took the greatest of pleasures in spreading joy and happiness, through the food you so magically put together for umpteen million birthday parties and weddings and anniversaries and reunions, to the musically funky fly rhythms you got everyone bopping to, to the off -the-wall jokes you had us all sheepishly crying tears of laughter to.  I will miss you Pam. I’m spilling some liquor and shedding some tears.  Writing to release.  This is my humble tribute.

It hasn’t really sunk in.  You were young still.  You were so loved. You have left a legacy.

Pam, I hope and pray that you rest forever in power, love, and peace.



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I Love You the Most

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  • 2017 June 9 – Delaware Arts Museum Summer Music Festival, 6pm – 10 pm show
  • 2017 July 29 – Timi Dread & The Bredren Live at War3House3 in Swarthmore, PA, 7pm – 9pm show

Previous (posting pics and flyers as I find them!)

  • 2017 May 20 – Timi Dread & The Bredren Live at War3House3 in Swarthmore, PA, DJing before, in between and after the 7pm – 9pm show
  • 2017 – Divination Lodge with DJ Shango, Dahlak’s Paradise, Philadelphia
  • 2017 May 6 – Vladia 2017
  • 2016 Feb 25 – Aquasoul with DJ Vlad

aquasoul feb 25 2016 flyer.jpeg

  • 2015 August – Black August Sundays with DJ Gully Ranks, Dahlak’s Paradise, Philadelphia, PA.
  • 2013 July – Culture Den, Brooklyn, NY

bellaculture den july 2013.JPG

  • 2010 – Studio, Perkasie, PA


  • 2007 – Adidas Store, Philadelphia, PA. store

  • 2006 – Dubtempo with DJ Chicus, The Royale, Brooklyn, NY.



  • 2006 – Desis Go Dumb, Fremont, CA

me and rapper find out desis go dumb.JPG

  • 2006 – Riddims Couture Photo Shoot at Oaklandish, Oakland, CA


  • 2006 – Studio, Jack London Square, Oakland, CA.





  • 2004 May 5 – Cinco de Mayo Party at Lil Baobob, San Francisco, CA.


  • 2002 Aug 23 – Asian Massive, San Francisco, CA.


  • 2000 – Azaad, 111 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA.



  • 199? – Cubika, Brooklyn, NY. store.


  • 199? – House Party! San Francisco, CA.

bella and mala.jpg

  • 1998? – Edo Hair Salon Grand Opening, 601 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA. salon website
djing at salon haight.jpg
  • 1996 – Mad Cobra Record Release Party/Signing at Rasputin’s, Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA.

me and madcobra-rasputins.jpg

  • 1996 – Loft Party, San Francisco, CA.


  • 1993-4 – Reggae Sundays at The Top, Haight Street, San Francisco, CA.
  • 1990s-2000s – Club Dread, Mondays at The Endup, San Francisco, CA.
  • 1990s – Studio, Opal Street, Oakland, CA.



***what a long, strange trip it has been***

  • 1978 – My very first performance in The Music Man school play, as one of the 76 Trombonists. Laguna Niguel, CA.


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It’s here! The reggae remix contest for a prize package of Scientist LPs! I worked with Scientist to record this riddim, a version of the Heptones classic ‘My Guiding Star’ originally penned by Leroy Sibbles.  All the files are in ProTools stemfile format.  The prize will be this amazing set of LPs I have collected over the past 20+ years I have been DJing. I will ship these records to you wherever your location – in or outside of the US. I am searching for a dubbed-out interpretation of this tune. You can add any instruments and/or vocals. The sky is the limit. I will personally be judging the contest to select the winner.  I am a conscious woman so conscious, rootical, heartical vibes will rule.  


1. The remix must be emailed in ‘wav’ format to by December 12, 2014, midnight.

2. The remix becomes the property of Vishva Music LLC (VMLLC).  VMLLC will release the track on iTunes, beatport, Amazon, and bandcamp giving proper publishing rights to L. Sibbles.  Your name as remix artist will be displayed on the websites where the song is sold.

3. All proceeds from the sale of the remix track will be donated to BAWAR, a 501c3 community organization that works to address the problems of sexual assault.  

4. By participating in this contest, you agree not to sell or distribute the song on your own networks and/or for your independent profit.

I will make the selection by December 14th and mail out the prize package of Scientist records the same day for delivery within the week.

To participate in this contest, email with the subject heading “Remix Contest Rules Acknowledged” and I will send you the link to the dropbox folder where I have all the stem files. Please do not delete the files from the folder as everyone will be accessing the same one.  

I hope you enter into this contest in good faith.  Jah Blessings to you, thank you for your interest in participating!



One Love
Deejay Bella


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“Living might mean taking chances, but they’re worth taking. Loving might be a mistake, but it’s worth making” 
― Reba McEntire

“A mistake does not make a shadow. The people who you hurt through the mistake and what they decide to say about it is what leaves a shadow. The only way to erase that shadow is to shed light on it. If that is not possible, moving on to somewhere brighter is always an option.” 
― Justin David Nevins

“A great nation is like a great man:
When he makes a mistake, he realizes it.
Having realized it, he admits it.
Having admitted it, he corrects it.
He considers those who point out his faults
as his most benevolent teachers.
He thinks of his enemy
as the shadow that he himself casts.” 
― Lao TzuTao Te Ching

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Jah Provides – Roots Education (April 2014)

1. Earl 16 – Zion City
2. Mikey Dread – Technical Selection
3. Hugh Mundell – Ital Sip
4. Gregory Isaacs – Bumping and Boring
5. Raymond Naptali – Loving Feeling
6. Johnny Osbourne – Have A Little Mercy
7. Bob Marley – Rat Race (live)
8. Pablo Moses – I Man A Grasshopper
9. Dry & Heavy – Lost World
10. Ras Midas – Let the People Go
11. The Groovers & Lee Perry – Pi a Ring
12. Yabby You – Babylon Gone Down

Listen Online:
Download Link:

Until Next Time. Keep it Conscious.
Deejay Bella
Vishva Music

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